dewbenefice - The Parishes of Dunton, Eyeworth & Wrestlingworth -
Who we are
First and foremost the three parishes of the dewbenefice are  churches made up of ordinary people trying their best to simply follow and to know God who in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ showed the fulness of His love for all. We strive to be a forgiving, serving, loving, welcoming, praying and worshipping group of people. We are honest and don't pretend to know all the answers to life's questions, but we do know that God leads us and invites us to follow Jesus, who said that 'I am the way, the truth, and the life'. We don't always get it right but we do try to encourage each other to follow Jesus who calls us and inspires us to live transformed lives. We're not afraid (well not always) to say that we will live differently because of God's love. His love challenges and inspires us to do this.

What we believe
We believe we are called as followers of Jesus to become more aware and responsive to the presence of God amongst us, and this informs our prayers, dreams and witness in and to our lovely rural parishes. We want to see society brought back to life through the presence of God – and we recognise this can only really be done through people who seek to know Jesus and to follow him.
We are committed to making a difference in the villages where we live. We want to see people coming to know God's love and forgiveness, and to be persuaded by the gospel (the good news) of Jesus.

What we do
We long to be at the centre of community and engage in village life. Many in the congregations are part of the various community and village groups. Singing in Choirs, members of Reading Groups, or serving on the Church School Governing Body and Parish Councillors, members of the local History Society, Community Action Groups, Village Hall Committees, being seen in the village Pubs, helping to run the Village Shop.
As we are a part of the villages in which we live we also long to be places of welcome, worship, and witness. Places where everyone feels at home and can easily make friends with us and friends with God.
We believe that God knows us and invites us on a journey that leads all who follow Jesus into life in all its fullness.

The Rector is Revd Canon Lindsay Dew who is also the Rural Dean of Biggleswade and he can be contacted by phone or email.

01462 743617 or 07545878082

We are currently engaging in the Diocesan Vision given to us by our Bishop, Alan. As parishes and people we are

Living God's Love by
Going deeper into God:
Transforming Communities:
Making new Disciples.

(Although DEW is Lindsay's surname it also matches the first letters for the parishes of Dunton, Eyeworth and Wrestlingworth - which Lindsay hadn't realised until well after he was Licensed! Some people are so slow!!)
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