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Dunton Parish Church 2017
Welcome to our 2017 page on the DEW Benefice web site - we'd be delighted to welcome you to any of the services and events held each month. Please check out the Benefice Monthly Diary page for dates and events.

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This is on Sunday July 9th at 11.30am and will be held in the church and grounds. Do come and support your parish church and enjoy a family Sunday. Various stalls, BBQ and fun things to do. 

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A welcome to Jill and Zoe on Passion Sunday April 2nd 2017

During the Parish Eucharist we welcomed Zoe in her new role as Server. 
Zoe was Confirmed last year and wanted to become more involved at church and it was lovely that she said 'yes'when asked to become our first server ever!
At the same service we also welcomed Jill who was authorised by Bishop Richard as a Lay Leader of Worship.  With the agreement of Lindsay and the PCC Jill embarked upon a short course provided by the Diocese which was successfully completed. Jill was presented with the Bishop's letter of Authorisation and Jill is now able to lead Services of the Word such as Sunday Praise especially when there is no priest available to lead.

Welcome to Zoe & Jill

You may already know that plans are being made to celebrate our village life with many activities and events in June 2017.

We are delighted to include a 
'Songs of Praise' style service.
This will be held on Sunday June 18th at 5pm in church. 
We are inviting individuals, families and groups in the village to nominate their favourite hymn and the ones having the most 'votes' will be included in the service. We are happy to include favourite Bible readings too.
Singtastics our local choir will also be singing during the service.
Please let Lindsay know your favourite hymn as soon as possible on

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